We are nothing and everything at the same time. We should rather ask “WHAT ARE WE…???” We are inhabitants of the Earth who, just like everyone else, feel that it is time to enter into a NEW era. We feel the need for a “space” that can be shared by people in a one-to-one way, like people with people!

It is about understanding and realising what connects us rather than divides us. And we are all connected by being humans and living on Earth, whence we all originate and to where we all need to return. Not like dust, but like human beings. The “space” that is created in this way is not any particular place or idea – it is an already existing thing, which we have rather forgotten (it is not understood, not fully realised). It is the fact that, no matter what roles we play, we are still inhabitants of the Earth – arising from the Earth – we are Earthians…!!!

We need to REALISE that it is actually time for us to become real Earthians, with full responsibility and understanding for this task. It will cost us nothing except this realisation, which will subsequently bring about an inner change within ourselves. This is the only thing that can really create something new. At first, for the human being himself/herself, then for his/her loved ones and then for other people, the Earth and all its inhabitants. And then it will return to each individual!!!

Therefore, it is not about any outer changes, regulations or ideas. It is about the conscious change of each one of us. Of each individual within the whole



We are not any ecological, economic, spiritual, political, religious or any other movement. This is all about the MOVEMENT of the human mind…!!!

And since we want to create a space for everyone, regardless of their political, religious, economic, ecological and other beliefs, we cannot and do not want to distinguish ourselves from ANYTHING, both in the positive or negative senses!!!

All the same, we are aware that “…we know that we know nothing…”, just like everyone else. And those who think the opposite are not living in reality, but merely in their own illusions. We do not want to reserve the right to determine how this world should function or where it should be heading!

All we want is a discussion and a dialogue with those who sense a coming change in human relationships. And those who wish to find their way towards others and towards the Earth, by understanding the numerous possibilities of living on Earth and in the Universe…!!!

It doesn’t matter what life view you have. That is just your or our view, which is usually far from reality anyway. But we are here on Earth together, so let’s find a WAY … WHERE TO??? We will discover that on our way…!!!